"Lagos" Indonesian Opalized Petrified Wood & Pearl Amulet Pendant in 14/20 GF Wire

Image of "Lagos" Indonesian Opalized Petrified Wood & Pearl Amulet Pendant in 14/20 GF Wire

Talk about holding a piece of Indonesia in your hands! This regal piece immediately transports you to the exotic, turquoise waters of hidden beaches in a far away and exotic land! All dressed in 14/20 Gold Filled wire, "Lagos" is an exceptional piece and the top jewel, a Pearl, an exquisite compliment of class.

This beauty comes with a free 18" inch black silicone cord & has been Reiki infused to enhance its healing qualities. It measures:

1' 1/4" inches / 3.1 cm in height (from top of bail to bottom of piece)

1' 7/8" inches / 2.2 cm in width (at widest point)

Petrified Palm Wood is endow with a warm, pleasant-sounding energy for contemplation and is particularly empowering when touched or held in the palm of the hand. Recognized for its spiritual healing qualities, it instills trust and gets up the wisdom of ancestral energies which encourages happiness to draw prosperity to one’s spirit. As an excellent grounding stone, it always represents nobility and ideas.

As a treasured stone, it tends to strengthen the broken hearts in love, rejection or sudden abandonment. Holding away the qualities of emotional upheaval, it is also helpful to produce a pleasant sensation throughout the torso. Petrified Palm Wood is especially conducive to spreading out the heart, asking over the feelings of compassion, transforming negative emotions and increase the power to love the self and others. Being a dream stone, it takes into account the unconscious to open and let go of the original traumatic memories which are frequently at the beginning of such beliefs.

Known to possess practicality power, it infuses the same in his wearer too. It is a stone of success in addition to it also evokes tranquility and gliding vigor to go the things by accepting the present. Recognized for its qualities of general fortification, it is the stone which turns out to be excellent for grounding and stabilizing one's emotions.

Chakra: Root & Sacral

Zodiac: Pisces

**Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.


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