"Nitha" Large Statement Morganite & Turquoise Amulet Pendant


Talk about a large statement piece! Sometimes one just HAS to wear and have a large unique piece of jewelry that commands the room!! This luscious and deep Morganite is not exception either, it IS a conversational piece and it needs a neckline to show itself off. Dressed in non-tarnish vintage copper wire, this beauty has also been Reiki infused to enhance it's healing qualities and comes with a free 18" inch black silicone cord.

This commanding piece measures:

2 3/4" inches / 7.0 cm in height (from top of piece to bottom tip)

1 1/4" inches / 3.1 cm in width (at widest point)

With its gentle pink energy, Morganite attunes to the heart and the Heart Chakra. It cleanses the emotional body of stress and anxiety, old wounds and hidden traumas, and enkindles lightness within the spirit, as if a burden has been lifted. It brings in the frequency of Divine compassion, inspiring the awareness that life’s suffering and pain served a higher purpose in our spiritual growth, and can be a catalyst for moving forward in peace and confidence.

This crystal also attracts the abundance of love into one’s life and assists in maintaining that love as it continues to grow. It encourages loving thoughts and actions, consideration and responsibility, and being receptive to love from others. As a crystal of the heart, it may be used to attract one’s soul mate or in deepening a current relationship. It inspires joy and reverence for life, and increases the opportunities which allow one to experience the unconditional love of the Divine.

Morganite is the pink variety of Beryl, a beryllium aluminum silicate, colored by manganese or cesium and forms in masses and prismatic crystals. It is pastel or pale in color by nature, known for its transparent peach-pink color, though it also occurs as soft pink, violet-pink or pale salmon. [crystalvaults.com]

Chakra: Heart

Zodiac: Taurus

**Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.


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