About Studioplay31


About Studioplay31

Wire Weaving and Wire Wrapped pendants, necklaces, earrings and bead-woven jewelry! All items listed are gorgeous statement pieces, and are one of a kind. I create these wire wrapped jewelry pieces with care and with mindfulness of the energy expressed in each piece. 

My romance with wire wrapping and silver-smithing began simply for the love of stones and crystals. Yes I love rocks! I wanted to find a way to always wear a crystal and so I took a 2-hour class on how to wire wrap and the rest is history. Creating jewelry is my passion and I chose to work with natural gemstones and crystals as I feel their healing properties are an incredible gift.  

I am looking to expand and continue to learn various techniques to develop my love for creating this healing art jewelry. This craft breeds Joy within me and sharing it with everyone is something that I feel is part of my place in this world.

No two pieces are ever the same as each one is created individually and each stone picked carefully. I can try to re-create a design but note that it WON'T be exactly the same as the one pictured.