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Small Peach & Brown Honeycomb Cluster with Crystal prisms

Contrasting peach and dark glass colors make up this little and sweet Honeycomb cluster ☺️ It also features three crystal prisms at the top so when the light comes through—the coolest little sparkles are created in the room.

It comes with a free large suction cup and a silver chain.

A gorgeous bi-color Monstera Lead panel featuring discontinued Green Baroque Spectrum Glass!! This piece is exquisite and the colors pop in the light.

It is in black patina and features a black chain. Due to its weight it is recommended it's hung on a hook or a window latch.

It measures 8.5" x 11" inches

All orders will be sent via USPS first class mail with tracking and insurance. Seller is not responsible for damage during transit, all claims will need to be filed with the USPS directly by the buyer. Piece will be insured for the total price of the piece.

**All stained glass pieces are NON-REFUNDABLE**

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