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“Yin” Monstera Leaf Glass Art - Irisdescent Opaque Teal & Black

When I buy scrap glass from FB Marketplace/ online, I don't really know what I'm gonna get. There's always some sort of gem tucked away and this last lot I bought had exactly that!

This opaque and iridescent teal (discontinued) glass is stunning!! It's also slightly textured and when the light comes through it, it subtly lights up from within.

The solder lines have been waxed & polished and left silver. It's hangs from a silver chain and comes with a free large suction cup (holds up to 7lbs)

All orders will be sent via USPS first class mail with tracking and insurance. Seller is not responsible for damage during transit, all claims will need to be filed with the USPS directly by the buyer. Piece will be insured for the total price of the piece.

**All stained glass pieces are NON-REFUNDABLE**

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